ADRNC Programs

Welcome to the first step in preparing to work with the ADRNC to put on your own program. The ADRNC is happy to work with individuals, groups, and organizations to build and coordinate trainings, workshops and programs that help the ADR community. If you have ideas about presenting a topic please start by sending an e-mail to the programs director at

When you make first contact please make sure to answer all of the following questions as completely as possible.

ADRNC Programs Questionnaire:

We are delighted to have you consider presenting on behalf of ADRNC.  In order for us to better understand and market your program please take the time to answer the following questions:

  1. What would you like us to call the presentation and how would you like to be addressed?  Do you plan to invite anyone to co-present with you?

  2. Briefly describe your presentation (Please give one or two paragraphs summarizing what you plan to cover and how much time you need)

  3. Please give us a two paragraph biography that we can use in promotional materials.

  4. What are the contributions and areas of value you feel your presentation will offer to ADRNC members and the dispute resolution community at large?

  5. Does your presentation apply to groups outside the field of ADR and if so how should we market to them?

  6. Describe any related experience in presenting to an ADR group and/or a non-ADR group

  7. Within the ADR field are there any particular audiences you feel your presentation is best suited for (e.g. community mediators, public policy, etc…)?

  8. What special accommodations do you need for your program presentation (TV/VCR/DVD, screen, dry board, room set-up, PowerPoint Projector, Over Head Projector, etc)?

  9. What are your preferences in location and time for your program? (ADRNC has prioritized holding programs throughout the broader Bay Area, including North and South Bay locations.)

  10. Do you have a limit in the number of participants?  Do you have date or scheduling constraints?

  11. Is there a fee to ADRNC for your presentation?  Are you open to negotiating or working out creative fee arrangements?

  12. What access do you have to training/workshop rooms?

  13. Would you be willing to have us call a reference?  If so, please give us their name(s), phone #(s), organization(s), and email address(s):

  14. We would like to have the option of recording your presentation and reserving the right to offer this material for sale to members and non-members for a fee.  How do you feel about this?  Do you have any questions?  Would you be interested in receiving some of the proceeds from such sale?