Dispute Resolution Periodicals

from the Federal ADR Program Manager’s Resource Manual: http://www.adr.gov/manual/Part3_Chap3.pdf


ADR Currents

The Newsletter of Dispute Resolution Law and Practice. An American Arbitration Association award-winning publication.


The Alternative Newsletter

A resource newsletter on dispute resolution. Boskey, J. B. (Ed.), Newark: NJ: Seton Hall Law School.



News monthly on new uses of ADR by corporations, firms, government agencies and the courts. A publication of CPR Institute for Dispute Resolution. New York.


Alternatives to the High Cost of Litigation

Monthly publication of CPR. New York: Law & Business, Inc.


ABA Journal

Serial publication of the American Bar Association. Chicago: ABA.


Conciliation Quarterly

A publication of the U.S. Mennonite Conciliation Service. Akron, PA.


Conflict Resolution Notes

A publication of the Conflict Resolution Center International.



A quarterly newspaper focusing on consensus-building processes, environmental disputes, and other large, public conflicts. Published by The MIT- Harvard Public Disputes Program, which is a research project of the Program on Negotiation, Harvard University.


Dispute Resolution Journal

Provides in-depth articles on labor arbitrators, selecting neutrals, and other facets of ADR.


Dispute Resolution Magazine

Publication of the American Bar Association – Dispute Resolution Section.


Dispute Resolution Times

Quarterly publication of the American Arbitration Association. Newspaper covers a wide range of areas where arbitration and mediation are used.


Harvard Negotiation Law Review

A quarterly law journal focusing on legal aspects of negotiation theory and practice. Publication sponsored by the Harvard University’s Program on Negotiation.


Journal of Alternative Dispute Resolution in Employment

(June 1999). New subscription. Riverwoods, IL: CCH.


Journal of Conflict Resolution

An interdisciplinary journal of social scientific theory and research on human conflict. Russet, B. (Ed.),Yale University.


Journal of Dispute Resolution

An interdisciplinary academic journal that features writings concerned with how to prevent and resolve disputes through various methods, including mediation, negotiation, consensus building, arbitration, and litigation. A publication of the University of Missouri-Columbia School Of Law in conjunction with The Center for the Study of Dispute Resolution.


Mediation Quarterly

A peer-reviewed journal published quarterly that covers the latest developments in the theory and practice of mediation in all types of disputes: family, commercial, community, educational, labor, business, medical, and environmental. Lang, M. (Ed.), San Francisco: Jossey-Bass Publishers.


Negotiation Journal

A quarterly publication committed to the development of better techniques for resolving differences among individuals, organizations, and governments through the give-and- take of negotiation. Publication sponsored by Harvard University’s Program on Negotiation.


Ohio State Journal On Dispute Resolution

Official journal of the ABA’s Section of Dispute Resolution. Three articles issues contain articles, notes and comments, recent developments and book reviews. A fourth issue contains an annotated bibliography with over five hundred resources on alternative dispute resolution. Student- edited publication of The Ohio State University College of Law.


Practical Dispute Resolution

Publishedsemi-annually,thisjournal features articles, reviews and summaries which inform the general dispute resolution community of practical issues, developments and concerns in the field. Crofton, MD: Cooperative Consortium for Dispute Resolution (CCDR).


Track Two

A quarterly publication of the Centre for Conflict Resolution and the Media Peace Centre to promote innovative and constructive approaches to community and political conflict, as an alternative to traditional adversarial tactics.

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